Different Hoist Parts

There are many different tools that help humans achieve impossible feats. Planes allow us to soar through the air, boats enable us to traverse across the expanse of the ocean, and certain machines and tools enable us to lift tremendous amounts of weight. A Coffing hoist, or chain hoist, is a mechanical device used for heaving lifting. Coffing hoist is the name of a famous type of manually operated chain hoists. Throughout time, the name has become more generalized and is currently used as a broad description for similar lifting tools. The Coffing hoist can be operated either manually or electronically, and each hoist utilizes a system of cogs to lift a hook block. Chain hosts and Coffing hoists are synonymous terms that can almost be used as interchangeable terms.Hoists Parts

Chain hoists function based on the principle of shortening or lengthening a loop of chain to lift a heavy load.  When the loop is shortened, the hook block and load is lifted. Conversely, if the chain is lengthened the load descends.

The most commonly used chain hoist is the electrically powered hoist. These hoists either have chains or ropes that lift the loads. Most hoists are built as one unit in a single housing, with different moving parts inside of the body. Small portable, hoists come in two different types: the chain hoist or the chain block. These two variations can both lift objects, but have different parts. Chain hoists utilize a level to activate the hoist, or have a loop of chain that feeds through the block. Each Coffing hoist has a lifting hook that attaches to the desired load. Essentially, the lifting hook is used to grab and lift loads with the assistance of a hoist or crane.  These devices safely affix to a sling, chain or rope and lock on. 

All chain hoists operate with differential pulley systems, which are exerted to be multiplied, based on the ratio of the radii. For every length of chain or rope that gets pulled, the amount of force able to lift is multiplied and strengthened, making it possible for the chain hoist to lift heavy objects.

There is so much to learn about chain hoists. If you are interested in learning more about the field of Coffing hoists, contact a local seller or manufacturer for more information. It is important to make the proper decision when selecting a hoist, as not all hoists are appropriate for a given application. 

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