A hand chain or manual hoist is used to lift heavy objects in the material-handling sector. There are many different brands and types of manual hoists, but one of the most reputable is the CM brand hoist. These well known hoists are used for vertical lifting and utilize the power of human labor to lift objects. Below is a list of popular CM hoists and how they are used.


CM Hoist Hurricane 360:


The CM hurricane 360 is the most versatile chain hoist on the market. This design has a patented hand chain cover that is capable of rotating 360 degrees. This specific model of CM chain hoist makes lifting, positioning, and pulling loads from any angle an easier task.


CM Hoist Series 622:


The CM series 622 is a hand chain hoist that has a simple, effective, and economically efficient design. This hoist offers a compact design,


CM Hoist Series 653:


The CM series 653 is a lever-operated hoist that uses a short handle and minimal lever pull. These manual hoists are made of high quality materials and are very durable. This CM hoist is best for close quarter pulling, stretching and other hoisting functions

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